Dr. Sharron Stroud

 Dr. Sharron Stroud is an author, professional speaker, and International Peace Activist.  She serves as the Dean of the Institute of Successful Living and the President of the International Foundation for World Peace and Research.
Her philosophy has been about  “Good Leaders create other Leaders, not followers.” 
She has stated to an audience of 25,000, that we are not here just to go through the motions of making a living; we are here to  make a Difference!
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“To my mind, the old Russian tale “Vasalisa” is a woman’s initiation story with few essential bones astray. It is about the realization that most things are not as they seem. As women we call upon our intuition and instincts in order to sniff things out. We use all our senses to wring the truth from things, to extract nourishment from our own ideas, to see what there is to see to know what there is to know, to be the keepers of our own creative fires, and to have intimate knowing about the Life/Death/Life cycles of all nature. –

I find evidence of its archetypal roots dating back at least to the old horse-Goddess cults which predate classical Greek culture. This tale carries ages-old psychic mapping about induction into the underworld of the wild female God. It is about infusing human women with Wild Woman’s primary instinctual power, intuition.” 
- Clarissa Pinkola Estes

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